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This is my old Peugeot 203.it has a modified engine,the original one, but it is TURBO CHARGED!!

Well,,it is the ONLY 203 in the world which has a turbo charger on the same 1955 original engine"1290c.c.".
the turbo is MITSUBISHI td 04-09,which is capable of more than enough 1 bar compression,it forces the air through a carburator(SOLEX 35pdsit).
Standard horse power is 42-45hp,thanks to turbocharging it is up for about 35% conscidering the use of only 0.4 bar of turbo capacity.
I have tried to keep the car as originale as possible through All the modifications which was made.

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205 TURBO 16 used to be the best rally car in the world,maybe one day my 203 would be a 203 TURBO 16,the fastest 203 ever made!!!!!!!!!!